IGN’s Game of the Year Award for the past decade

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I’ll see you around…Wolf.

I’ll see you around…Wolf.

the wolf among us   

my new medication is really scaring me

deep and meaningful text posts   im taking topomax i didn't realise it had been dubbed dopomax   and i can already feel myself start to forget things AND i lost a ton of weight this week   

I’m not a little kid anymore.
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A survivor is born.

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video games graphic battle | vs. aesfocus
round two ➝ one character (bigby wolf)

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theillusivman replied to your post: #ILUMGANKSQUAD2K14

wouldn’t have the gree event any other way

its literally my favourite thing in the world

i’ve already gotten a “vex u cock” 

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ill be posting about twdg episode 4 in like an hour or so and ill be tagging everything with twdg spoilers if you want to block that! ill also put everything under a read more as well

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gruff werewolf man befriends strippers, chainsmokes, and hits people for calling women bitches: the video game


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